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3 Tips to Make Yourself More Employable Now

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The corona virus pandemic has created a new normal, and unemployment has skyrocketed. Whether you are looking to find employment or to change jobs during these difficult times, steps can be taken to make yourself more employable. Here are three of the most important actions to take right now. 1. Make Your Resume More Professional

Top 5 Skills That Employers Are Looking For In 2020

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Did you know there are more than 36 million people in the United States that are either unemployed or considering their next job move? It is no secret that the future of the economy is uncertain and there are many questions left unanswered as we embrace the “new normal.”  As the number of job searches

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5 Tips to Ace Your Remote Job Interview

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A remote job interview is clearly becoming a practice right now. As more and more employers transition their teams to work-from-home arrangements during the pandemic, both hiring managers and workers gain an understanding of how efficient remote work calls for skills that tend to be different from the ones required for in-office work. Employers hiring

Job Search Privacy - How to Protect Yourself

Job Search Privacy – How to Protect Yourself Online

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Since most job searches and job applications are now an online process, it has become vital to take steps to preserve your identity when sending resumes. While it might seem counter-intuitive, the less is more approach applies here. Legitimate companies and job posting sites will not require more information until an actual interview is about