10 Career Experts You Need to Follow in 2021

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Career experts have changed when social media transformed the career industry. 

Sites like LinkedIn are not only giving us new ways to network and search for jobs, they are also making it easier than ever to find career advice and entrepreneurial expertise. 

Put simply, we’re not limited to books or conferences anymore. Now, we can quickly scroll through a huge amount of content – or cue up any number of podcasts. Our social media feeds are full of information on how to find a job, grow a career, or build financial security. In fact, knowing how to add resume to LinkedIn is an advantage that you can take in pursuing your career. 

But with all the advice out there, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 career influencers you want to follow. Whether you’re writing your very first resume, or you’re thinking about how you can be a better boss, these are names to know.

10 Career Experts to Know About


  • Kathryn Minshew

Who she is: The founder and CEO at The Muse, an online career platform and job discovery tool.

Why you want to follow her: Kathryn is all about giving people tools to find and navigate a meaningful career. Her work at The Muse focuses on matchmaking – how to find an employer with values that match your own. She writes and speaks about the modern workplace and the future of work. 

Socials: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, The New Rules of Work podcast


  • Seth Godin

Who he is: A marketing expert and business thinker. He has written 20 books including Linchpin and Permission Marketing

Why you want to follow him: Seth gives us new ways to think about marketing, business, and leadership. He talks and writes about marketing and leading in the modern age and connecting business to meaningful change in the world. Seth also developed altMBA, a 30-day alternative to traditional business school. He will help you question everything you thought you knew about business.

Socials: Seth’s blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram


  • Alison Doyle

Who she is: A career and job search expert with a history in Human Resources. Alison has written multiple books on these topics, including “The About.com Guide to Job Searching”. 

Why you want to follow her: Alison’s blog has been named by Forbes as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career.” She truly is one of the industry’s leading experts. She has been quoted and mentioned in dozens of well-known publications, including The New York Times, Military.com, Lifehack, Business News Daily, and many more. 

Socials: LinkedIn, Twitter


  • Biron Clark

Who he is: The founder of job search advice site Career Sidekick and a former executive recruiter. 

Why you want to follow him: Biron translates his experience as a recruiter into strong, functional advice for jobseekers. He writes on the Career Sidekick blog and in other publications with hyper-practical topics like “How to answer ‘What do you like to do for fun?’ in an interview”. He’s a go-to influencer for fine-tuning your job search skills.

Socials: LinkedIn, Twitter


  • Kerri Twigg

Who she is: A career transition coach and job search expert. She is the founder and operator of Career Stories

Why you want to follow her: Kerri helps people “use their stories to transition into ideal work”. She was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in Workplace and Management. Her engaging, personable advice is what you need if you are thinking about making a change in your career. She wants you to find your ideal job, even if you’re not sure what that is yet. 

Socials: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


  • Fela Durotoye

Who he is: A motivational speaker, business leadership coach, and founder of GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation, a Nigerian non-profit organization that fosters leadership skills in youth.

Why you want to follow him: Fela is passionate about creating positive social change in Nigeria. He does that by teaching leadership – both to current business executives all over the world and the next generation of Nigerian leaders. Look to him for inspiration on how to think bigger, merge your values with your work and use a position of leadership to change the world. 

Socials: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


  • Liz Ryan

Who she is: Founder of Human Workplace, a career coaching and consulting firm. 

Why you want to follow her: Liz approaches jobs and careers in a fun, creative way. Her tell-it-like-it-is advice makes her a popular voice on social media. She offers insights to job seekers looking to change or better their careers and to employers and HR professionals interested in hiring the best talent. 

Socials: LinkedIn, Twitter


  • Drake Baer

Who he is: A journalist who has written for Fast Company and New York Magazine. Currently a Deputy Editor of Strategy at Business Insider

Why you want to follow him: Drake writes thought-provoking articles about everything from wealth to universal basic income to the effective organization of The Miami Heat. Read his stories to learn more about organizational psychology, money, the state of work in the U.S., and management strategies. 

Socials: Twitter, LinkedIn


  • Hannah Morgan

Who she is: A recognized job search strategist, founder of Career Sherpa, and a regular contributor to U.S. News On Careers. 

Why you want to follow her: Hannah offers practical job search advice for the 21st century. She gives people tools to be proactive in their job searches and LinkedIn named her as one of the Top Voices in Job Search & Careers. Her book, The Infographic Resume, is a step-by-step guide to building eye-catching resumes and portfolios. Her advice and strategies can help you stand out in the job-search crowd.

Socials: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


  • Adam Grant

Who he is: An organizational psychologist, TED speaker/podcaster, and bestselling author. 

Why you want to follow him: Adam is a leading voice in the psychology of work and workplaces. A popular TED speaker, Adam hosts the TED original podcast WorkLife. Follow him on Twitter or look up one of his TED Talks to get insight into motivation, finding meaningful work, and building better workplaces.

 Socials: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WorkLife podcast


Final Thoughts

There is so much career information online. How do you wade through it all to find what you need to know?

This list is a great place to start because these 10 experts are at the forefront of career conversations, and offer advice founded on experience and research. 

So turn your social media feed into a resource. Surround yourself with real expertise, practical advice, and some truly exciting, big ideas. And find the exact set of tools you need to navigate your career with success.