Writer FAQs

How is Professional Resume Writers (PRW) different?

The resume writing industry hasn’t changed in decades. The big challenge for clients is that they don’t have a good way of comparing top writers and seeing the price up front. So, we changed that.

Professional Resume Writers (PRW) is the only website that enables clients to choose from a large list of top-rated resume writers. Clients tell us about their requirements and we will match them with several top resume writers with current availability. The client simply selects the writer they want to work with at a price that matches their budget. It’s that simple.


Where do you find your resume writers?

The large majority of resume writers are located in North America, mostly in the United States. Our plan is to launch internationally next year.

How do you make sure the writers are top notch?

Our writer recruiting process starts with experienced writers. We vet them based on years of experience and client testimonials. Then we consistently review each writer’s work to ensure their writing meets our high quality writing standards.

What industries do the resume writers work in?

The writers work in all different types of industries. So, clients will likely find one with particular industry experience. However, we believe the best writers have a great ability to take a client’s best achievements and turn them into a great resume and LinkedIn profile, regardless of industry.


How long does the process usually take?

After a client tells us about their goals and current job situation, we instantly recommend several available writers that would be a good fit.

You will then work with your client to develop their first draft. Every first draft goes through our editorial process before a client sees it. Then the client will provide feedback and suggested edits on the draft. You then send the client their final resume.

For most projects, the process is completed in 10 business days or less.

What is included in my Writer Profile?

This is where you get to shine! Write a one sentence headline that summarizes your specialty and a couple lines of detail that explain what sets you apart. We will also display your ratings and number of completed projects.

What if a client needs a resume right away?

Then they will want to take advantage of our quick turnaround service. Resume writers choose whether or not they want to provide quick turnaround services. There is additional compensation for providing this service.

What if a resume writer is not available?

That’s a great feature in our system… we will only recommend writers who have immediate capacity to help. As a writer, you control your availability with the click of a button. Going on vacation? Simply set your profile to unavailable and no projects will be assigned while you are gone.


How much does the service cost?

First things first… we believe that clients need a high quality resume to put in front of employers. So, we present a list of recommended writers with current availability. Because the price is clearly laid out to the client, there are no surprises.

A high quality resume will typically require an investment of $300 to $600 depending on the client’s career level and the experience and rating of their selected resume writer. Of course, the most experienced and successful writers will be on the higher end of the price range.

How much can a writer earn?

The writers in our community do quite well… in fact, double (or more) what a large resume site provides its writers.

Typically one of our resume projects will generate between $100 and $200 for the writer, depending on their level. 

How do you pay the Writers?

Each writer set up their own account with our secure payment processor to receive electronic payment after a project is completed successfully.

How long do I have to wait for payment?

You will be paid electronically within 5 business days of a successfully completed project.

Are the Writers independent contractors?

Yes. They control their own schedule and the service they provide. PRW is simply a marketplace to match top writers with great clients.

What is the cost for a Writer to join PRW?

Zero. Zilch. Nada.