How is Professional Resume Writers (PRW) different?

The resume writing industry hasn’t changed in decades. The big challenge for clients (like you) is that you don’t have a good way of comparing top writers and seeing the price up front. So, we changed that for you.

Professional Resume Writers is the only website that enables clients to choose from a large list of top-rated resume writers. Tell us about your requirements and we will match you with several top resume writers and show you their background and industry expertise. Then you simply select the writer you want to work with. It’s that simple.

Throughout the process, YOU are in control. From providing your requirements, to evaluating recommended writers, to selecting and communicating with your top resume writer.


Where are your resume writers located?

Unlike other services (where you have no idea where your writers are in the world), ALL of our resume writing community is located in the United States. 

What certifications have your writers achieved?

When you get your list of recommended writers, you will see their background and industry certifications as well. Although certifications can be helpful, we’ve seen some excellent results from writers who choose not to pursue industry certifications. Instead, they focus on developing their personal branding skills to shape your resume into a powerful marketing document.

How do you make sure the writers are top notch?

Our writer recruiting process starts with experienced experienced writers. We screen them based on years of experience and client testimonials. Then we constantly review each writer’s work to ensure their writing meets our high quality writing standards.

What industries do the resume writers work in?

The writers work in all different types of industries. So, you can find one with experience in your particular industry. However, a word of advice… industry experience might not be as important as you think. We believe the best writers have a great ability to take your best achievements and turn them into a great resume and LinkedIn profile, regardless of industry.


How long does the process usually take?

After you place your order, you will then work with your writer to develop your first draft. You will provide your feedback and suggested edits on the draft. Then, your writer sends you your final resume.

For most people, the process is completed in about a week. As your input and review of your resume draft depend on your feedback, the process can be longer or shorter based on your availability.

What if I need my resume right away?

Then you will want to take advantage of our Quick Turnaround service. There is a small additional fee and, if you are quick with your feedback, this will ensure you get your resume in just a few days.

What if a resume writer is not available? Will I have to wait?

That’s a great feature in our system… we will only recommend writers who have immediate capacity to help. So you never have to wait.


How much does the service cost?

First things first… you need a high quality resume to put in front of employers. You don’t want to risk sending a bargain resume and not getting a call back simply because your resume didn’t get the job done. We constantly are fixing “cheap resumes” that didn’t get results.

A high quality resume will typically require an investment of $200 to $400 depending on your career level. 

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and process your payment using a secure payment processor after you select your resume writer.


Are the Robots are Taking Over HR?

The problem is that today’s hiring teams are overwhelmed with the number of resumes and applications they receive. They are leaning on resume screening technology and low-level employees to try and filter out all the unqualified candidates.

And, no doubt, that is what’s happening to your application.

Hiring managers are using Applicant Tracking Systems (also know as ATS) to automatically screen out unqualified candidates based on their resume. So, unless your resume is highly targeted, it is thrown into the virtual trash pile by the ATS technology.

What is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)?

HR software, often called an applicant tracking system (or ATS), is often used by employers to quickly screen through the hundreds of resumes they receive and find the most qualified candidates based on the job requirements. It is estimated that 75% of resumes are rejected in this process because they are not properly optimized. We actually use the top resume scanning software (the same as most employers) to ensure your resume will pass the scans with flying colors.