Resume Examples

Resume Examples

Welcome to the Professional Resume Example Library

Here you will find detailed guides on how to write a resume by different industries and positions.

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Cyber Security Resume

Whether you are already a cybersecurity professional or looking to break into cyber security as a career, you should approach your next job hunt with a professional resume to best position yourself to employers. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the process.

Scrum Master Resume

Your scrum master job hunt needs to include a professionally designed resume that highlight your career successes. Check out our Scrum Master Resume Guide and follow the step by step process to create a resume to set you apart.

DevOps Engineer Resume

Here are the best practices you should follow to create a professional and compelling devops engineer resume. We show you the process, step-by-step.

Web Designer Resume

As a successful Web Design and user experience (UX) professional, you know how to leverage your deep expertise with cutting-edge design technologies to drive user engagement and e-commerce growth for organizations. Here’s a process to write a resume that describes your skills and attributes that differentiate you from other web designers while communicating this information concisely and convincingly.

UX Designer Resume

The key to a successful UX Designer job hunt is positioning yourself as the top candidate. Everything you need to know about the UX Designer resume writing process is in this guide.


Product Manager Resume

You’re a successful Product Manager and you know the value and skills you bring to an organization.  You know where you want your career to go and what jobs you want to target, but you may struggle with how to get your resume noticed by potential employers. Use this guide to get it right.

MBA Resume


Business Development Manager Resume