Why Attending Technology Conferences is a Smart Career Move

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Technology Conferences Smart Career Move

Attending technology conferences is beneficial to all professionals, regardless of their field. This is due to the sheer prevalence of technology usage in every industry and the need to keep up with new advancements, no matter your role. For all careers, but especially those in their mid to late career, these events are a valuable continuing education resource.

A Tech Conference Serves As Continuing Education

When you first left school, you were probably fairly up to date with the newest, most relevant technology. As you spend longer in the working world, however, it’s very likely that you will start to become out of touch with technological advancements, especially as they relate to your field, if you do not pursue continuing education options. A technology conference is the perfect venue for continuing education as it relates to the latest technology used in your field. Presenters and vendors will inform and train you on this tech. Some occupations, such as health care workers, lawyers and financial professionals, even require professionals to engage in continuing education opportunities in order to remain licensed.

It Helps You Improve Your Job Performance

Technology conferences expose you to new technologies and usage techniques that can improve your job performance. For example, someone might be at the conference showcasing time management apps that can help you truly transform your workday and boost your productivity. You may learn of new features in programs you use every day that could make your job considerably easier. If you are in an executive position, these software programs and features can be used company-wide in order to improve job performance across all employees. The possibilities of using technology to increase job performance both on an individual and wider scale are nearly endless.

It Provides You with Career Networking Opportunities

A strong professional network is always beneficial at any stage of your career. It is also a good thing to have no matter what your professional role is. Business owners benefit by connecting with other professionals, including other business owners, job seekers and independent contractors, who could all be valuable assets to your business. For example, you might connect with a solid IT support firm that could be a great match for your organization’s technology needs or a qualified web designer to give your site a much-needed makeover. Employees can leverage a robust professional network as a resource for information, employment opportunities and as a way of providing additional valuable services to their customers. If you are struggling to find a job, technology conferences provide a good opportunity to connect with professionals who know of trusted resume writers.

It Can Help You Grow Your Business

If you are a business owner or want to be, technology conferences can inform you about new technologies that can help establish or grow your company. This can be as wide-ranging as HR software, tablets and artificial intelligence. Business owners and executives have the responsibility of deciding what hardware and software they use at their business and tech conferences are a great resource for learning about and deciding between the many options available to you. Being tech savvy is even more important for a business owner than it is for an employee because small businesses largely rely on technological resources to have the means to compete with larger companies.

It Increases Your Tech Career Capital

Attending technology conferences improves your value as a professional in a couple of key ways. The first is that you gain the ability to teach others at your company what you have learned. This positions you as an employee with more value and thus you become more difficult to replace. It’s also very important if you are a manager, as one of the key job duties of managers is creating and implementing comprehensive training programs for new employees. Secondly, any additional skill or knowledge, especially when it comes to tech, is a valuable addition to your resume both for your current job and during any job interviews. It can give you an advantage over other candidates and make it more likely you will land the job you want.

While a tech conference related to your industry is likely to be the most beneficial, even ones focusing generally on business technology can be an informative, useful, engaging experience for any professional. This is especially true if you desire to change careers into the tech sector and want to jump-start your job search. Technology is only going to become more important in all areas of the business world as it continues to advance.