What is a Perfect Aim Resume™?

It takes 3 elements to come together to create the perfect resume… one that will help you land more interviews.


The Best Resume Writers in the Industry

Our community of writers includes certified resume writers, former recruiters, HR professionals, and career coaches. They are based in the U.S., so you don’t need to worry about your resume getting shipped off to some resume sweatshop overseas.

They have helped thousands of people translate their career success into impactful resumes that set their clients apart from other job candidates.

Our community of top resume writers will get you results.


The Perfect Aim Resume™ Process

It all starts with your skills and experience. The goal is to perfectly aim your resume to make it clear that you are the right person for the job.

Once we identify the jobs you are most interested in, we’ll work with you to quantify your strengths and achievements in each of your previous jobs.

We’ll also create a resume summary that will quickly show employers that you are a great candidate for the job. By matching the language that employers are using to find the perfect candidate, your resume will not only make it through the scanning technology, it will stand out from others on the hiring manager’s desk.

Your Perfect Aim Resume™ will demonstrate that you can hit the ground running!


Resume Scanning Technology

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are used by large companies, mid-sized companies and now even small firms to quickly scan resumes and filter out non-qualified candidates.

Our Perfect Aim Resume™ process takes advantage of this same technology to position you as the perfect candidate.

The technology we use identifies keyword phrases that are used in job descriptions. We can scan your new resume and ensure that those same phrases are used to help get your resume through the automated screening process and land more interviews for the jobs that interest you the most.