Envisioning Life Without Work

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Financial independence and early retirement (FIRE) are growing in popularity, but you don’t have to browse the comments sections of Forbes or Yahoo Finance long to find plenty of skeptics. The FIRE critics represent many viewpoints. There are the well-intentioned risk-averse types, hesitant about the viability of supposedly “safe” withdrawal rates in today’s high-valuation environment.

When Did My Friends Get So Expensive

When Did My Friends Get So Expensive?

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Back in May, as part of our road trip around the western U.S., Daniel and I spent five nights in San Francisco visiting friends and exploring the city. Many of our best friends live in the Bay Area, and we were excited to catch up with them in person. Two of our good friends are

Will You Really Spend Less as You Get Older

Will Spending Really Go Down in Old Age?

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One of the first things I learned upon wading into the world of work was that the majority of traditional financial advice is off-base and irrelevant for those pursuing aggressive savings and retirement before 65. The rules of thumb cited by major media sources are targeted largely at mainstream consumers who live paycheck to paychec.