How to Get Your Dream Job: Mastering the Job Search

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Landing your dream job requires more than effort and skill; it demands a creative and strategic approach. You need to stand out. How to get your dream job, a topic that has been talked about for decades upon decades. The strategies outlined in this article will arm you with innovative tools to conduct a focused,

a girl with long curly hair and wearing eye glasses is sitting on her desk at home putting sticky notes on her wall to be a productive a remote worker

Productive Remote Worker: How to Prove it

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The recent pandemic left no facet of life untouched. It changed how we live day-to-day and most directly impacted how we work.  According to a study made by OECD stated that once the pandemic hit in April of 2020 a total of 50% worked from home. Working during a global lockdown meant working from home

Woman on her 50s wearing a white long sleeves, and eye glasses working on her laptop in the age of ageism

Ageism in the Workplace: It is Alive and Well

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With age comes wisdom. But many hiring managers don’t see that. Ageism in the workplace is a pervasive issue that impacts individuals, organizations, and society at large. It refers to the discrimination or unfair treatment of employees based on their age, typically targeting older workers, but young professionals can also face age-related biases. This essay

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Applicant Tracking Systems and How to Beat Them

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For anyone looking for a new job, today’s process can be reminiscent of Groundhog Day. Attach a resume Attach a cover letter Provide links to previous work Confirm the highest level of education State times available for interviews Submit the application Repeat Today’s job-seeking routine seems so repetitive because most companies use an Applicant Tracking

HR checking a resume for job reference

How to Ask Someone to Be a Reference

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When conducting a job search, one of the first things an interested employer will ask for is a list of references. These are people who can confirm your professional experience and vouch for your value as an employee. References are traditionally professional contacts, like former co-workers and managers. And, they are responsible for giving your