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How to Ask Someone to Be a Reference

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When conducting a job search, one of the first things an interested employer will ask for is a list of references. These are people who can confirm your professional experience and vouch for your value as an employee. References are traditionally professional contacts, like former co-workers and managers. And, they are responsible for giving your

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5 Tips to Ace Your Remote Job Interview

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A remote job interview is clearly becoming a practice right now. As more and more employers transition their teams to work-from-home arrangements during the pandemic, both hiring managers and workers gain an understanding of how efficient remote work calls for skills that tend to be different from the ones required for in-office work. Employers hiring

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Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Let’s say that you’re conducting an interview and near the end of the interview the candidate suddenly asks, “What are your most popular products?” In another job interview, an equally qualified candidate for the position displays full knowledge of your company’s products plus shows awareness of the competitive pressures in the employer’s industry. The candidate