Woman on her 50s wearing a white long sleeves, and eye glasses working on her laptop in the age of ageism

Ageism in the Workplace: It is Alive and Well

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With age comes wisdom. But many hiring managers don’t see that. Ageism in the workplace is a pervasive issue that impacts individuals, organizations, and society at large. It refers to the discrimination or unfair treatment of employees based on their age, typically targeting older workers, but young professionals can also face age-related biases. This essay

a keyboard with a printed applicant tracking system and a finger poised to click on it

Applicant Tracking Systems and How to Beat Them

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For anyone looking for a new job, today’s process can be reminiscent of Groundhog Day. Attach a resume Attach a cover letter Provide links to previous work Confirm the highest level of education State times available for interviews Submit the application Repeat Today’s job-seeking routine seems so repetitive because most companies use an Applicant Tracking

a visually impaired hiring manager shaking hands with a top applicant after an interview

How to Create an Accessible Resume

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“Inclusion” is a vital aspect of modern hiring practices. We want people with disabilities to be able to have viable employment available. Most firms today go out of their way to create jobs that can be handled by disabled or impaired employees. When it comes to visually impaired people, documentation becomes a hindrance. It is

Woman career expert leading the way for 3 men in suits smiling for the camera

10 Career Experts You Need to Follow in 2021

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Career experts have changed when social media transformed the career industry.  Sites like LinkedIn are not only giving us new ways to network and search for jobs, they are also making it easier than ever to find career advice and entrepreneurial expertise.  Put simply, we’re not limited to books or conferences anymore. Now, we can

Smiling guy shaking hands with a woman in suits in his new job making a good impression

7 Tips for Making a Good Impression at Your New Job


  There is a lot going on when you start a new job. In the first few days, you’re responsible for learning anything from the way operations take place to the names and roles of your new coworkers. It can be a lot to take in. And, while it’s all necessary information to learn, what

HR checking a resume for job reference

How to Ask Someone to Be a Reference

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When conducting a job search, one of the first things an interested employer will ask for is a list of references. These are people who can confirm your professional experience and vouch for your value as an employee. References are traditionally professional contacts, like former co-workers and managers. And, they are responsible for giving your

woman with an IT as a career checking hardwares of her company

5 Ways to Kill Your IT Career (Without Knowing It)


Information Technology (IT) career, and all its sub-fields, is an extremely competitive industry. It’s filled with some of the most brilliant minds and is constantly advancing and evolving. Needless to say, it’s an industry that requires a unique and special individual to master. And, if you want to have a stellar career in IT, you